We are full service Brand Experience agency specializing on event marketing
Events are not dead for us! We go on.
We can finally focus more time on creating experiences through video production, virtual  and hybrid events. Feel free to contact us and lets see if we match.
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shares, engagaments, smiles, goosbumps, tears and laughs. 

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We bring brands to life creating live experiences with their products and services online and offline. 

We are on the street, in the shops, at the bus stop
or at the subway. We are everywhere, where it make sense for your brand! 

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Below you can find the main event marketing areas we can serve you with.



We create functional experiential strategies, allowing our partners to connect with audiences in unique and memorable ways. While creating it, we keep in mind with full respect your goals and brand culture. Result is customized brand experience.

Because push marketing is not in the game anymore. Brands need to create experiences.

Event Production

First we translate client plans into strategic events with focus on set goals. We create the strategy in aliance with set concept, add the spatial design, but! We do not only create the idea, we also produce it from A to Z with in house production specialist. This way we have the power of controlling that everything is produced the same way as it was created, in our hands. We don't divide events into creative and production part. It is all one big project for us.


& consulting

We know, how a brand interacts and connects with its audience through events and other brand acts directly impacts the brand’s strengths. A consistent communication through all channels is MUST to a successful brand strategy, ensuring audiences not only receive important messaging but connect with and act on it. We help brands developing and implementing the right strategies.

First we need to know the goal of the event. Strategy of the brand and its communication have the main power, when creating meaningful and working creative concepts. Creative marketing agencies are pretty often too far away from production of the events in real life. That is why we decided to help brands with creative concepts of BTL and event marketing. While creating it, we keep in mind with full respect your goals and brand culture. Result is customized brand experience.

Creative Concepts

Designed stands

We focus on look & feel your brand have and let our coworkers create customized graphic design, installation design and creative copywriting. We focus on spatial design. By that understand the solution of setting the right mood of the venue by shaping the attendee experience. The décor, branding, flow of people, custom fabrications, on-site activations.

Live show production

A lot of brands need its own content of gala dinners, company events or meetings. That is why are creating every show up to clients need and project aims. We do have experienced choreographer, dramaturgy, scriptwriter, director, stage designer, etc... They all meet and work for your brand to prepare the show that meets the needs of your event.


& Social

Digital and social have a huge impact on the results of each event and brand act. Therefore we always prepare project as integration of digital, (web, app, registrations online, email marketing), social (social sites, hashtags, online engagement) and live event engagement. Embracing all this links help brands to get better data from audience, target group and effective output in numbers that can be measured as KPIs.

Video production

While creating event, you always need to keep in mind two things. The amount of connection in real life can be multiplied online. And the second think is, that not everything can be done effectively in online world. Also, great ideas deserve to be shot and memorized this way. That is why we do not only produce event, but we make videos from each of them or we produce events with aim to caption it and spread widely online.


Examples of our clients

and projects brought to lif(v)e

Matrix festival 2017
Jakože cože festival
2016, 2017
Enigma conference
Matrix Festival 2019
Blond Absolu Congress
Lays at summer fests
Pohoda Festival
2016, 2017
Hell in the fridge


We can say we can do everything.

But we don’t like it. See examples of the projects for each category below  or go to references to check case studies. 


People create emotions, and it is all events are here for. This is the only marketing discipline where we can really touch somebody. Emotionally and physically. Extroverts employees and contractors therefore stand behind these key words and characteristics.



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