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Anytime Activation Campaign


With limited budget, bring the idea of brand activation, to reach as many people from the target group as possible.It is not enough just to “get” people in the car, their first experience with the brand needs to be an experience they will remember and tell their friends about.

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2020-10-13 15.53.10.jpg


Creative concept of the escape game combining offline and online activities. Briefed as brand act or event, ended u as the whole creative concept adn its adaptation and realization to real life. From A to Z altogether with UX and UI. Why Escape game? - A brand experience on the border between an “escape game”, an immersive fighting game and a fun trip.
- Unique concept that has never been brough out
- Using the application, you can rent a car with friends and start a fun story game in which you have to solve puzzles, solve ciphers and travel around Prague by car.
- As you move through the story, you get to know interesting places in Prague and at the same time Anytime car and the benefits of renting it.



use of Escape game
as the brand act
on the market


unique story

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