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For the 30th anniversary of its presence on the Czech market, international law company Baker McKenzie wanted to organize an exclusive event to celebrate the anniversary with their clients.

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We create a concept called "True or False?" with the hashtag #authenticitythroughduediligence to activate customers or Baker Mckenzie through engagement. Activities presented the main principles of law practice, i.e. the search for truth and creative solutions and find the false. This way we brought a theme to the evening, that helped advocates and lawyers to find another topic to speak about with 200 clients at place and strengthen their relations.

Guests could try out 4 main and 2 side activities:

● Do you think you can recognize a real Champagne?
Guests compared a sample of champagne and French Crémant sparkling wine. The goal was to point out the champagne. 

● Which sample has a higher price?
Guests were asked to see, try and guess what samp
le of jewelry was more expensive. The ring cost around 1 million CZK, the earrings about half that.

● Which poem was written by artificial intelligence?
The guests examined two poems, one of which written by William Shakespeare and translated by Martin Hilsky, and the other created by AI.

● Which cognac is the oldest?
Madame Cognac & Champagne Tereza Franc presented 3 samples to the guests and the challenge was to discover the oldest cognac with no notes on bottles to help.

In addition, visitors to the event could try out a lie detector or take part in and the creative activity Touch the technology. There was a chance to play with colored water and change the look of company logo in real time. 

Attendees can visit the Glass exhibition and before the end, the winner of competition was announced
The venue of the event was the Museum of Decorative Arts and was moderated by Daniela Brzobohatá. The musical input was provided by opera singer Bella Adamová and saxophonist Saxokid.







of the guests involved in the competition


guest satisfaction with the evening's programme

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