Direct Pojišťovna - Hell in the fridge


Client - insurance company can insure everything. How do you show everything by a guerrilla campaign? Well, boring and though. So we showed one type of possible insurance, that we thought would move people. We needed to find a public place where we could show what happens, if you are not carefull.


ADC Creative Awards 2017

experiential marketing

graphic & spatial design

strategy consulting

event production



We installed a specially designed refrigerator overnight in the departure hall of the Prague Central Station. Refrigerator simulates a "small domestic blackout", in other words, what happens to the food in the cooling space if a power failure occurs. Within three weeks, the fridge showed a gradual destruction of a whole range of food. We shot what is happening inside and outside of the fridge nonstop and streamed takes of three cameras to the microsite of “Hell in the fridge”. The activities associated with this project also appeared on social networks in addition to public space.

Outbreak was behind creative design and digital. We have taken care of production and implementation.

Bronze won at ADC creative awards.

In Numbers:


people daily passing by and looking to the fridge


weeks of attention


products in the fridge