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at Retail Summit 21


L’Oréal needs to present its huge respect to circular economy during Retail Summit 2021 in Prague and all the steps it does towards saving our planet. Its instalation needs to stand out and forward the message without one word said live. But! Without any physical appearence of client or agency at place due to safety rules of L'Oréal.

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We will invite attendees to the ZEN (relax) Garden. To the place where you relax, open your mind and enjoy the beauty of the nature. What it means when we say that world around us Is alive.
You are surrounded by the plants, greens to feel alike in the park. A little space within the “summit buzz and mess”. Calm surrounding, nice smell of flowers and presentation of what future and saving our planet means for L'Oréal on the centerpiece LED TV.


no. 1

 voted installation
on Retail Summit


of outputs produced for this instalation was recycled

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