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Bring the attention to hairdressers, that are artists who cannot create at the moment, due to Covid. Brand L'Oréal wants to show its support to all of the hairdressers, those working with their brands, but also to the others.

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The aim of the campaign was not only to point out that the salon is a safe place, but also to emphasize the artistic side of the hairdressing profession. 


The Gala Show is always the highlight of the program. This year we brought Matrix City. A town where every hairdresser, novice and senior lives. Start free-styling in the street, followed by own salon and more luxurious and wealthy customers, and ending it by staring at MET Gala with own styling. Stage was built to make everyone feel part of the city of Matrix. We put the presenter on the backstage and his role was to talk to people by broadcasting a "radio" Matrix. It is a concept and dramaturgy of the evening through other people who called the radio and shared their feelings with them. The most emotional part was the performance of a young singer, lost in Matrix City, who does not believe in herself. Moderator support her and let her sing New York by Alice Keys. During the songs we hear the individual stories of hairdressers, which we voiced over and put in the storyline of the song. The hairdressers were laughing, laughing, photo-shooting, social sharing, and we knew that the desire to be part of the Matrix family was born again.

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