L’Oréal - Conference ENIGMA


Regular annual meeting for divisional sales and marketing representatives. The aim was to summarize the year 2016, to

re-energize for 2017, to thank, to make this conference memorable and to overcome the Amazing Christmas party.

experiential marketing

graphic & spatialdesign

direction & dramaturgy

digital & social

event production

strategy & consulting

Enigma Dinner


It was meant to be a celebration, a thank you, but also a working meeting. People were involved, entertained, surprised and submerged under the skin. We prepared the afternoon conference as a teaser for the evening. The decoration and the spirit of the presentations had a subliminal line of mystery in the spirit of "you never know what could happen next ..." We got the top management in the stylish hoods and masks of Carmina Burana. We visually unified the presentation. The flow of presentations deliberately disrupted the dancers with scenic dance, the culmination of which was the explosion of invitations to the evening party. Whoever wanted to know more had to figure out that the details were written in invisible ink. In the evening, the cloakroom replaced an invisible hand in a white glove, a welcome drink shining in the dark, sitting by the seating plan at the long blackboard. The waitress serving in a white bow tie and gloves. They all behaved mysteriously, magnificently. The food was prepared in style - never know what could happen / expect. It was a combination of untraditional tastes served on unconventional things (photo frame, cocktail glass soup, etc..). The program was supplemented by GM's speech, which spoke to people without opening his mouth (his speech we wrote and pre-played in the studio). Then they all got the ancient treasure key they could use to open the treasure in a big chest. Only one key was correct. The highlight of the evening seemed to be a violinist in the mask, but her performance interrupted by breaking the glass on the tray and the onset of the dancers who showed an emotional dance experience full of emotion, duel, anger and victory. They were dancing over their heads and on the tables attended. The dance ended with the unveiling of the "treasure" - gold boxes with champagne as a gift for everyone involved.

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dishes prepared specially for this evening by famous chefs

amazing chefs cooperating just for this project

in number of thank you notes for us after the party