We have created the EX project, by which we want to try if you will like and share our enthusiasm.


Why? Because we...

... love local quality products made with passion.

... also love marketing and design.

And for sure, we love beer.


So we connected our passions and decided to bring exceptional tasty beer for each occasion, that one can be proud of sharing. Online or offline.

Each EX beer shows its main characteristics, so you can pick the right one for each moment. 


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Show us your support by sharing!

Share EX Beer virtually on your social media profiles or share it in real world with your friends (not only EX friends). If you don't want to share your EX beer, let them order their own - just share our link.


You call, we deliver!

Ideally, share the EX Beer with someone who you care about!

We will appreciate your opinion, let us know how you like EX Beer concept on social, or just send us the message (IG  Ex Beer Lab, #exbeerlab].  More shares and mentions, more motivation for us to get the EX Beer project going!

We look forward to count your likes, shares, emotions, laughs, litres, beer foams, ... so let's have a beer! ...

and Cheers!