Milka - Jakože cože festival


Concept and realization of the Guerrilla act of Milk Lu and Tuc product sampling. People had a common prejudice with these (sweet and salty together cant taste right). The greatest impact on PR and WOM was required.

experiential marketing

event production

strategy & consulting

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2 Years of the Gourmet Festival Jakoze, coze?! (meaning“Like, what?!). We needed to get closer to the target group. Due to prejudice, it was necessary to create an interesting meeting place for them in the natural environment. There we could offer them a tasting of it. The classic form of sweet chocolate with salty cracker gave rise to conflicting feelings, so we dissolved the chocolate and served it with small crackers as fondue. In addition to the Milka stall, where a fondue product was served, another 14 stalls (restaurants and restaurateurs) with unusual dishes and flavor combinations were introduced. The offer included chocolate cockroaches, hamburgers with Olomouc cheese, salmon with white chocolate and raspberries or eatable flowers..

The event was one of the first Food Festivals in Prague, it had a great PR effect, and without any media support it had a record number of participants at that time - 17000 people.

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