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CHANCE Award winning #jsemchorvat


Create buzz around football World CUP, when local fans don't have own team there and bring people to Chance - betting app, with limited budget.

#digital #social #strategy #constulting #experimental #marketing #eventproduction


The “I’m Croat” (#jsemchorvat) campaign was designed to engage the Czech fans in supporting the Croatian team at the football World Cup instead of the absent Czech football squad. Why Croatians  Because they are like brothers to Czechs  we enjoy holidays there, they call the beer "pivo" as czechs do, they are good at football, etc...

The creative concept of adopting Croatian team as Czech was brought by Outbreak agency and spread through social media in authentic videos with Pavel Horváth. Pavel Horvath is ex famous football player, that people love. We shot 3 videos - one as buzz for social medias, where his friend share video of him trying to chenge his name for one month to Pavel Chorvat with local authorities. We created fan zone in outdoor park, where more then 10.000 people watched the mateches and could win a shot of Rakija (croatian drink) when download app at place and bet on the match. More than 1000 pieces of merch was spread among the people, we even organized team to go to Croatia and shoot the atmosphere of Czechs cheer to Croatian team at place. The idea captivated the media and Pavel was even invited to the football studio of the Czech Television.  


ADC Award2018 /SILVER



free cover of the theme
on the national TV


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