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L'ORÉAL Online Campaign #zasespolu


Bring the attention to hairdressers, that are artists who cannot create at the moment. The aim of the campaign was not only to point out that the salon is a safe place, but also to emphasize the artistic side of the hairdressing profession.

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Campaign #zasespolu was connecting hairdressers, hairdressing brands, association and was supposed to lead people to Loreal Professionnel specific web www.
Comprehensive web was designed with copy and development in 10 days to be able to get all the assests out before the salons open again. We knew we shouldn't touch the topic of sanity and desinfection. But in that times, everybody felt for artists and people working in services. So we created campaign delivering the message that hairdressers are also artists and those really important in our lives. Popular people, artists from local industries were invited to confess and speak about their hairdresser and relationship they have. At the end we invited their hairdresser with pretext to speak about closure of their salons. But when they arrived we played them the confessions of their clients talking about what they mean in their lives. How important they are. When going live, video instantly grew by tens of thousand in views, receiving positive comments, made people cry and laugh and got attention of medias. What was special here, is that non of the celebrity got paid for the campaign and each person was determinned to be the part of the great message presented. After couple weeks, campaign was appointed as the best within all of the LOreal brands international and sent world wide as case study.


500 000

views in 2 weeks

non paid


production days for
the huge national campaign

Marked as the best usage of the topic and best campaign
within Loreal brands internationally appointed

by Loreal Head Office Top Management.




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