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Notino started the Christmas season with a campaign called “Give yourself the gift of peace”, and they wanted to support the ad with an event for influencers and PR, which will be in the same spirit. While guests enjoy the merry atmosphere, Notino can create new promotional materials.

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"Give yourself the gift of peace" was the main concept idea. Notino will take care of your Christmas for you. We decided to support the concept with different activities and engagements to prove that Notino means it seriously.

We decorated a rooftop apartment right in the center of Prague and created a cozy environment evoking the Christmas home. To maintain a friendly, intimate atmosphere, we invited a small number of influencers to visit it during the day in different time slots. We prepared pleasing festive experiences, from live piano music to freshly baked cookies and mulled wine. This kept the whole event in the spirit of spending Christmas in the comfort of your home while Notino took care of the presents as he promised.

Engagement activities were handpicked to keep visitors in comfort and relaxing feeling.

They could try decorating their own gingerbread cookies with the help of a folk art expert to make the cookies look really like grandma's. An experienced calligrapher then customized a Christmas ornament for each of the guests. Everyone could mix their own fragrance from essential oils under the guidance of a professional aromatherapist or try a relaxing hand massage. A photo corner was set up right in the bed so guests wouldn't get tired while photographed, and at the end, they could take part in a livestream broadcast where they could get a touch-up while answering Christmas questions.


There were plenty of products available to try in the apartment. In addition, visitors could choose one gift on the Notino app for their loved ones to receive directly under the tree. This way we are supporting the idea that Notino will take care of the presents instead of them, while they enjoy relaxation and metime.

Ultimately, everyone took home a gift for themselves, as the campaign emphasizes “care and attention to oneself”.





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