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at Pohoda festival


The concept of brand activation and production of it at the Pohoda Festival, Trencin, 2015 and 2016. Creative in line with the year-round Real Life Filters and Maybelline IT Girl campaign.

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Tent with a campaign visual, female styling to look on the picture like it was filtered with one of 6 created filters that was communicated in a campaign, and subsequent post-make photos. By posting the photo with #MaybellineRLF (meaning RealLifeFilters) ladies joined the competition for a win of Maybelline cosmetics package worth 200 EUR. Photos were massively shared, making it a free brand content and presence in social media. Festival participants were invited to the tent with a card in the form of a business card delivered by ambassadors. It promised them the possibility to take pictures as if using filters, where they would look beautiful, but without needing need. We took into account the specifics of the target group, so the space for makeup and embellishment was prepared in two forms. Self stations for more independent girls with their own style and the Ambassador available for consultation. The second form was a make-up artist who styles the girl to her chosen filter.

In 2016, we added a € 5 purchase condition for a free trial, which increased sales by 300% and interest declined by 0%.



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for the first time in history brand was selling the products in pop up tent

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