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EVENT for Influ & PR


3 weeks to launch a new colors for hair daying. The first influencers and PR event for this brand in Europe. Bring the creative concept, strategy, location and produce the event including PR & Influencers invitations and management.

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WeBrand Matrix is all about inclusivity. That color, hair or your status is not important. You are all invited. It connects people and new colors were supposed to offer solution for each hair type. So we brought the idea of BBQ party "At one table". Showing the idea of feeling goood, like at you friends BBQ party, where you meet some other people, that you dont know, but you feel like you belong there. And One table, because they all deserved the one space, behind one table, connecting everything.

To attract the influencers and create content for social media, we have created the first ever shower at popular and hip space "Naplavka". 



weeks to create, develop, produce successful event.


attendancy from invited influencers and PR specilists. 30 people in total.  


Non paid nad free media covers


pics/videos and reels of products, event decor and special shower on social.

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