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KÉRASTASE Blond Absolu Conference


Concept Create and produce an international event with focus on new launch Blond Absolu. Prepare and execute engaging workshops providing experience with products and services of the brand. 

#experiential #marketing #eventproduction #strategy #constulting #spatialdesign


This event must have been luxurious as the brand is representing the top class in its category. It was also necessary to focus on social networks and potential of sharing on site experience. First of all - there was engagement/experiential activity in all of the workshops. Fusio Dose workshop as a personalized hair salon service was transferred to the experience at the bar. Awarded Barman from Prague was preparing and serving personalized cocktails to attendees, while using the same question and process of preparation, as hairdressers should be using offering their service. We brought attractiveness of cocktails and transformed it to the hair dressers job. Diagnosis Lab workshop presented the new mobile app and hair camera through chemical laboratory and quiz was the way how to engage people. They found out how easy the use is and how it could be interesting for their clients to look through it. Digital workshop - we co-created presentation of brand activity and all the tools they have to help hairdressers in their businesses. Second part was focused more on Instagram and showcase of what can people do and how can Instagram be helpfull. Instagram competition asked people to share creative photos of Fendi lounge in combination with Kérastase new products. The night was dedicated to the launch of the year BLOND ABSOLU. Gala dinner with talk show and the Theme Cult of Blondes presented that the Blond is the new black. We presented numbers behind it, but also freshness of it and talked to the celebrities of different roles in our world. The host and presenters were: Emma Smetana, Emma Drobna, Evelyn and Marcelina Polok.





book off all possible
dates to following seminars at the place
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