PepsiCo - Lays brand activation


Brand activation idea for the summer festival season for,  TG 18-49, man and women through people engagement.

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Lays aktivace


We developed a prototype of the game called Lay's Brambolep, which was aimed at the Millennials. This generation lives here and now, looking for innovation, makes decision by the "FOMO". The game was the way how to get under the skin. Contestants threw soft balls, which were copies of the potatoes. The balls were specially made and covered with a velcro-like material. It was glued both to the special trausers that the contestants had to dress, and on the wall of the playing arena. Everybody had thirty seconds to throw and stick as many potatoes as possible to the other player. The winner was gifted with the Lays package. Thanks to the uniqueness of the game, it was strongly supported by WOM, where people wanted to talk much more about the experience than the classic sampling action or activation. They took away experience of min. 2 minutes, which is considered as MUST in engagement event marketing. For those who moved around at the festivals but did not come around our tent, we had a game in Social, where their friends invited them to play Brambolep at our tent with the purpose of playing and then enjoying the potatoes together. The game was voted as the most attractive in the FUN Park for the World Cup in 2016.

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