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The annual Brand Vision meeting, where all employees of one division of L'Oreal meets in 3 days intensive meeting over activities in upcoming year. The client was looking for a location accessible to 3 countries - CZ/SK and HU and a concept that could bring together all the planned presentations, activities and ideas to make the individual brand launches more special for their representatives to present and inspire each other.

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We chose the Hotel Chateau Valeč as the location, which also outlined the direction the concept could take. A lot of famous stories have been written in castles, history has been made there and we wanted to remind the employees of the meeting that they write their own stories too. Their own brand and product stories with friends and colleagues.

So we brought a concept called “Once upon a time”, which unites the whole 3-day event. 


Each brand in the division was given a central theme, which they used for their presentations and concepts. Together, we brought to life a modern-day Snow White, kings, queens and characters from the future or even a unicorn. We involved artificial intelligence in the preparations, helping to invent mythical characters based on data about real people - the executives who presented on stage. The presentations highlighted by the theme helped to keep the attention and create unique memories. 


Everything was complemented by thematic music and sound effects. The stage, the conference room, and the lobby were complemented by oversized installations tailored to the concept. New products were presented with decorative installations. 

To create an environment of belonging together and strengthen the connections within and between teams, we also prepared more casual activities like a treasure hunt in the hotel parks and gardens. The participants of the hunt only needed an app which had prepared route and quests. 


The evening program was a gala dinner with a special program. Each guest received a small amount of “L’Oreal dollars”, and then they could try how delicate their tongue is in a casino for the senses, where people could multiply their money. A blind auction followed for prizes such as luxury champagne, airline tickets in Europe, perfume, but even car fragrances (a special Relax in Nature package) or pins hidden in a package (acupressure) were won.





satisfaction with location, program and agency (according to the questionnaire)


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