L’Oréal - Matrix Color Festival


Create an international event with focus on engagement to strengthen the emotional bond with the brand. The event should be the beginning of the new community. Last but not least, it is necessary to focus on social networks in which clients are weak and there is a source of great potential.

strategy & consulting

graphic & spatialdesign

direction & dramaturgy

digital & social


experiential marketing


The easiest way to involve all hairdressers was through a natural connection to something they like and what they are familiar with So we created the Matrix Color Festival. Color in every possible meaning. Color as something they work with every single day, but also color in terms of emotions, creativity, fun, life, experience, etc. All aspects of the meaning of the word have been translated into a certain activity. We have prepared workshops with Matrix Coloring with inspirational idols from abroad, color hunt game as ice breaking activity at the beginning, a colorful photo booth with holi colors, live painting show. The most important part were two big gala shows. We have taken over the concept, dramaturgy, direction, screenplay and choreography. The first night was prepared as a carnival, full of warm, shiny colors and latino music, the other night as a futuristic neon show. It was more extravagant, inspirational, the main part of the head and body was covered with neon lights and was also the only visible and spectacular part. We also took over the International Matrix Instagram Account with a quarter million followers for 36 hours, and took care of live stories. We shot live feeds and videos on Facebook for the Matrix community.

In Numbers:




hour long Instastories and Instagram takeover for international Matrix Instagram account


hours of live workshops


gala show production including two stars from UK and Canada


live videos shot for social medias


#matrixcolorfestival within the group of people without any social sites skills before the event