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Cosmetics and perfume retailer Notino was opening its flagship store in Bratislava.

On the occasion of the grand opening, we also had the goal of planning an influencer and PR event. Our task was to organise the grand opening, involve partner brands, attract attention to the flagship store and bring influencers there in an exciting way, who would go through all the activities outside the Notino store and create interesting content. Another task was to activate the Notino app. The event and activities at the branch were part of a three-day grand opening.

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We prepared several activities for visitors for grand opening part: they could have their skin and hair diagnosed, have their hair braided or try a different hairstyle. There was a calligrapher at the new shop where they could have their gift cards, names, or other messages written directly on the product.

The event idea of our concept for influencers was called "And what's in your bag?" We introduced the idea to influencers and journalists at a joint brunch. Moderator Becca That's Her, coming from the same influ background, spoke about how they always have Notino with them, even if they don't always realise it. She asked what they had on their person at any given time, and everyone had at least one product they could purchase on Notino. 

This was followed up with more activities to get everyone involved and a unique Beauty Hunt. Guests were given a map of the game with a few hints. The first stop on the way to winning was a giant Notino bag. At this station, influencers had to take a selfie
and, through Instagram stories, break down what they carry in their own bags with their followers.
Along the beauty hunt route, players had to get to know the products in the partner brands' booths. At the finish line, they were given a gift, which they also had the opportunity to personalise thanks to a calligrapher. 


Another goal of the event was the activation of the Notino app. We, therefore, devised a simple game that introduced the advantages of the app and gave the influencers themselves the opportunity to win something: in the shortest possible time limit, they had to find a specific product and find out how much cheaper they could buy it in the app, try out the virtual mirror and add their favourite product worth 100 euros to their wish list. The winner then received the products of their preference from their wishlist.

This gamified event introduced influencers and their fans to Notino's offer and the mobile app's advantages. All the attendees participated in the game, and the feedback showed that they enjoyed the event very much and rated it as the best in 2023. Also, the grand opening of Notino's Bratislava flagship store proved once again that we are all secretly kids who want to play.



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