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EVENT for Influ & PR


Notino is the biggest seller of the Korean beauty in the Czech Republic. They want to present that to public in cooperation with Kotra. The event must be a tasteful combination of relaxation and entertainment for the guests, as well as representativeness and level for the visiting Prime Minister and entourage from the Republic of South Korea.

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We created an exclusive sun-filled day for influencers and media in the historic premises in the center of Prague. This event combined centuries of proven tradition with advances in laboratory research, in which Korea has been leading in recent years. Our pop-up bar in white encouraged a sense of research and exploration as we presented each partner brand in a way that was individually tailored to their products, philosophy and ingredients.
The program, activities and decoration connected the Notino brand with Korean cosmetics and pointed out what actually makes Korean cosmetics and routines unique and effective. The event was accompanied by Korean cuisine, music, the Dalgona candy competition made famous by the Squid Games series, a knowledge quiz for prizes, messages from a calligrapher, an ingredient list or a make-up stand with a K-POP theme.
Guests left not only with products, but also with knowledge about how the Korean beauty ritual works and how to incorporate it into their routine, and with specific, tailored advice for their skin care. 





success within Notino departments involved and also from attendees


brands presented in detail


engagement activities
in 2 hours

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